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 The past several mornings just as I have arrived at my workplace, I have seen flocks of Canada geese flying overhead, honking their farewells.  I watched this morning as a few large groups of birds met and formed several smaller groups, executing a beautiful choreography as they maneuvered into their standard V-formation.  They rose up on glossy wings, defying gravity, as I stood earthbound watching them go. 

 Their departure seemed timely, as I have been thinking much about goodbyes in recent days.  The migration of the geese reminded me of all the heavy-hearted leave-takings that I have experienced in my lifetime.  I have watched my parents, grandparents, nephew, aunts, uncles, father-in-law, brothers-in-law, cousins, friends, and neighbors travel beyond the distant horizon.  Goodbye is hard for those of us who cannot go on the journey, but for those who have embarked on the flight, the adventure has begun.  They may look on us with sadness at the parting, but the irresistible pull of the deep calling unto the deep draws them onward until they cannot and would not look back. 

 The exodus of the geese heralds the coming of cold, dark winter for us, but their travels will lead them to find summer again.  How I envied them this morning!  King David, the sweet singer of Israel, said, “Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.”  I bid Godspeed to those who have earned their wings, and I hope that I, too, someday may mount up with wings as eagles, confident in my destination.


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