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As I sit here waiting for my daughter in the warm October night, I embrace the silky dusk, wrapping it around my tired soul.  Time has stopped here for me as I sit  in my car in this lonely parking lot, listening to the traffic sounds echoing from Main Street.  This time and place remind me of an old Twilight Zone episode.  The streets running through the 1950’s are much like the streets of Salyersville, Kentucky on this  unseasonable  fall evening.  I hear the rise and fall of voices somewhere, and artificial light falls on the whitewashed block wall in front of me, casting weird, foreshortened shadows.
Stars are twinkling above the still-green hills, and katydids and crickets provide background music.  A woman’s soprano laughter slices through the evening air, and momentarily, her high heels click-clack past me. I hear a car door shut.   

Anything can happen on a night like this.  A dog begins to bark, and I would not be surprised to see Rod Serling step out from behind the dark, leafy tree beside me, his cigarette smoke swirling sinuously into another dimension.


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One chilly afternoon as I was running errands and engrossed completely in the mundane, I happened to glance up to the sky. What I saw there filled me with inspiration, strength, and encouragement. The pale, wafer-thin disc of an almost-full moon hung delicately in the wintry sky. It appeared distant and cold, yet heartbreakingly beautiful. I turned to look at the opposite skyline, and it was warmed and illuminated by the fiery orb of the evening sun. My heart was lifted up to the Father of Lights, whose great power set both these lights in the heavens.

After a few short hours, the sun dropped behind the leafless western hills, and a dark mantle fell over the earth. Then, the moon rose up in the sky and shone forth, no longer dim and obscure. Its silvery rays turned the frost and snow to diamonds and put the stars to shame.

Jesus said, “As long as I am in the world; I am the light of the world.” His light shone among men only for the span of His brief lifetime, but it was expedient for us that He should go away. The light of His presence was removed from this earth and those who followed Him, the children of light, were left to be the light of the world.

We are like the wintry moon that appears in daytime. We have no light of our own, and beside Him our light could scarcely be discerned. Nevertheless, after He went away, we became like the moon when the sun has hidden behind the dark hills. We must arise in the darkness and reflect His light as He has commanded. The closer we are to the Sun of Righteousness, the more of His light we will be able to shed abroad in the world. Let us then be bathed in the Light that our light may also shine.

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